Green Lawn Cemetery is home to three mausoleums that are also unique to Clinton County. The Garden of Flowers is a patio mausoleum, which contains exterior crypts only. The Clinton County Mausoleum is a chapel and patio mausoleum with crypts inside the chapel and exterior crypts. The newest mausoleum is the Chapel of Peace which also has two niche units available.

We offer a Garden of Heroes to honor the police, firemen and EMT’s. The Garden of Honor and Garden of Freedom are designated for veterans and spouse.

Spring clean up starts March 1st through March 15th each year.

Floral Program

Green Lawn Cemetery provides flower arrangements during the year for the honoring of those who rest on our grounds. Please download the PDF provided below for more information about our available seasonal floral arrangements.

2024 Spring Brochure

Green Lawn cemetery Services

Helpful Terms


Burial of a person’s remains (body or ashes), in-ground, or in an above-ground structure.


“Burial” in a casket in an above-ground structure (see Mausoleum).


Also known as a “coffin”; this is a box, usually made of wood or metal, in which a person’s body is placed to receive burial.


In-ground burial place of a casket or ash remains (see Urn).


A specially made container used to hold a person’s ashes after cremation.


Formal word used to describe the final placement of cremation ashes in an urn.


Named after King Mausolus (353 BC); an above-ground structure, public or private, in which caskets or urns are permanently housed.


A structure specifically made for holding urns. It stands independently outdoors or within a mausoleum.


A special space in which an urn is placed and sealed inside a special wall, either in a columbarium, a mausoleum, or a niche wall.


An outer container usually made of concrete or metal, which completely encloses a casket.


The space inside a burial building, such as a mausoleum, which holds a casket or urn.


An all-inclusive word used to describe a person’s final resting place; whether in a grave, mausoleum, burial at sea, donation for science, or cremated ashes scattered or placed in an urn.


Family Tombs

Family tombs are designed for private and serene aboveground entombment. Families may choose from a variety of materials, arrangements, and designs. For private cemetery use, these tombs are available pre-assembled and in multiple sizes, hosting a range of spaces for caskets or urns.

Private Mausoleums

Private mausoleums offer burial which maintains family or group cohesiveness and privacy in a beautifully made above ground structure. They are designed to accommodate individual preferences of casket or cremation urn interment. Private mausoleums are designed to reflect the uniqueness of a family’s heritage and offer a tribute to the lives represented within.

Community Mausoleums

Community mausoleums allow a lasting memorial for individuals in a lovely, dignified, aboveground burial structure. They may house a number of individual and companion crypts (spaces inside a burial structure) and often include spaces (niches) for cremation urns.

Aboveground Entombment

Beautifully constructed, above ground structures are often chosen alternatives to traditional burial. Varying sizes, styles, and privacy options allow the family to choose what best suits their needs.

Chapel Mausoleums

Chapel mausoleums offer the peaceful setting of an indoor chapel for funeral services. Affordable and elegant, this is a favored consideration for families desiring above ground burial.

Upright Memorials

Upright Memorials offer a lasting tribute to those choosing the more traditional in-ground burial. These memorials are designed with beauty and elegance to fit many individual tastes and finances.

Lawn Crypts

Lawn crypts are pre-constructed cemetery burial spaces. These spaces contain a vault designed to shelter a casket. Many consider lawn crypt gardens to be a wise use of land and an affordable alternative for casket burial or cremation. Lasting materials reinforce each individual crypt for structural soundness and permanence.

Elevated Lawn Crypt Gardens

Elevated lawn crypt gardens offer elegance and dignity in a gently raised space. They are affordable, practical and pleasantly designed.


Niches offer individuals and families an exceptional way to preserve precious memories as a tribute to their loved ones. Special keepsakes, photos and personal memorabilia are maintained in a viewable facing within a solid, visually appealing structure.

Ground Burial/Bronze Cremation Memorials

Bronze memorials are specially designed for those who choose cremation and prefer ground burial. The tamperproof bronze memorial securely holds the cremation urn. Families choosing different options of cremation and casket burial can be laid to rest together.

Cremation Benches & Pedestals

Cremation benches and pedestals provide a peaceful outdoor setting for sheltering cremation ashes. Many individualized designs allow for very personal commemoration of those being honored.


Grave burial is still the most commonly chosen form of interment. Most graves are individually identified by either a lawn level marker or a family monument. For the sake of aesthetics, as well as operational and maintenance reasons, all cemeteries are “zoned”.

Family monument lots reserve four or more graves together. Lawn level marker graves are the most commonly selected. Monument type graves require more space and are thus of higher cost. The cost of all graves allows for continued maintenance and peace of mind.

Shared Family Memorials (Upright Monument)

Shared Family Memorials consist of either two or four graves with a large, above ground, specially-themed monument designed and erected by the cemetery. Most cemeteries reserve specific space for these particular memorials.


Crypts/Niches (Above-Ground Burial)

Crypts and Niches (spaces within a structure to hold a casket or cremation urn) offer alternatives for both interior and exterior burial.

In Scripture, we read that Joseph of Arimathea “went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. He then took it down, wrapped it in a shroud and put him in a tomb which was hewn in stone in which no one had yet been laid” (Luke 23:52-54). From the church’s early history, many have chosen mausoleum-style entombment. Early Christians utilized catacombs for burial. Older churchyard cemeteries house private mausoleums which were once affordable only to the affluent.

Today, above ground burial can be affordable for those who prefer this type of interment. With many options regarding materials and designs for ground burial, crypt burial and grave burial costs can often be comparable.